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How to improve the testing process to avoid software faults?

How to improve the testing process to avoid software faults?

Software Testing is a very important phase in V&V which requires thorough and intensive test coverage with a mindset to find the most of the Defects. To do so, some points which are helpful are listed below.

1. Ensure Adequate Training for Testing Personnel:

It is essential that the software testers have the necessary training and skillset to test the medical device software accurately and effectively. Training should include the basics of software testing, the special requirements of medical device software and how to use the testing tools.

In Orcanos we have training management module which can help to conduct the training of new joiners in the company.


2. Develop an Updated Quality Plan:

A quality plan should be created and followed throughout the testing process. This should include the quality objectives, procedures, and processes that need to be followed to ensure an effective test and guarantee the safety of any patient using the device.

Orcanos ALM application allows the user to manage it using Test Plan work item, also users can create Test Cases and add it to Execution Set under a Test Suite.


3. Have Detailed Requirements Specifications:

All requirements should be documented and clearly communicated to the software developers and testers. This will ensure that all parties acknowledge what needs to be tested.

Orcanos ALM application allows the user to create Software Requirements, Detailed Requirements Specifications work items which enables to manage the requirements in a professional manner. Users can generate reports using Online Document Generator and Chart, Panels on Dashboard in the applications.

4. Perform Thorough Usability Tests:

The usability of the device should be checked before it is released for the market to ensure that the device can be used easily and efficiently by the end user, thus avoiding any problems.

UI/UX testing is important to make sure your website or app is user-friendly and effective. There are many different ways to test UI/UX, including A/B testing, usability testing, and surveys.

  • Importance of UI and UX testing

Businesses aim to improve their efficiency and profitability, acquire new customers, and retain the older ones. With this being the focus, it is essential to approach business smartly and intelligently. Companies need to learn different user perspectives so that products and services can meet customer expectations.

Through User interface testing (UI testing), testers ensure that the buttons, fields, labels, and other items on the screen work without any functionality errors. UI testing further checks the control over toolbars, colour, fonts, buttons, sizes, icons, and more and how these functionality responds, whenever there is some input from the users. User Interface tells us how the user interacts with the mobile and website applications. Testing of UI removes the blockage so that the users are easily able to connect with the software. The four parameters to check the product

     UI of tested products are:

  • Easy to use and easy to navigate
  • Use consistency for the users
  • Easy user access of information and features
  • Application compatible for uninterrupted performance

5. Use bug tracking software:

A bug tracking system can help you keep track of the defects that have been found in your software, allowing you to prioritize and fix them in a timely manner.

It can be managed in the Orcanos application, using the Defect work item and can allows to add traceability to the Test Case, can be linked to the executed test case in Test Run window, can allow to track the changes as per the process flow.


By following some basic practices, it will make the Application(Software) more useful and easier to use by avoiding any mishaps and errors in any Industry where it is used. A key to achieve this is the earlier the testing, the earlier the defects found and the less time, cost and effort to fix it.

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