DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow can I create a test case using a defect
admin Staff asked 9 years ago

After creating a defect, I would like to add the scenario to a test case.
Please help me to create or add to a test case from the scenario in a defect.

1 Answers
Amita Gupta Staff answered 5 years ago

In case you have a Defect, now you want to add the test case and execute to ensure the fix is working
Case 1:

  1. Add the test case in the Product tree
  2. Relink the defect to this new test case
  3. Add the test case to execution set and Execute it

Case 2: 

  1. Add the new test case
  2. Add the test case to execution set 
  3. Fail the test step and link the test step with the existing defect
  4. Fix the defect
  5. Rerun the the test case again from the Bug Verification Tab of the DEFECT