DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow can I tune Orcanos IIS for on-premise install?
admin Staff asked 5 years ago
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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

Sometimes the IIS CPU is getting high, and you might experience some performance issues
It might be a memory issue in the application pool
Schedule periodic recycle to the Application pool
Steps to resolve

  1. Click on the Orcanos virtual applicationĀ  in the IIS (Usually /qpack/web and /qpack/qpackserv)
  2. On the right side, select advance settings
  3. See what is the associated application pool for these 2 virtual applications (such as qpackWeb)
  4. In the IIS right side, select application pools
  5. Select the associated application pool
  6. Right-click the application pool and select “Recycling…
  7. In the recycle screen, check only the “Specific time(s):” option
  8. Put a value for the time you want the app pool to be recycled (usually during the night, such as 04:00 AM)
  9. Click Next and then Finish