DWQA QuestionsHow can I work with Google Drive and Orcanos Document Control?
Amita Gupta Staff asked 2 years ago

I wish to make the changes to my document online, in a collaborative mode, so several users can work online on the same document. Is Orcanos support this capability?

1 Answers
Amita Gupta Staff answered 2 years ago

Orcanos doesn’t currently have an integration to Office365 or Google Drive, but you can do it manually using the following best practice:

  1. Add a DMS Item
  2. Go to the Attachments tab, and add a URL-type attachment that points to the online document you wish to edit, in our example, its the GDrive
  3. now users are able to simultaneously work on the document
  4. Once the document is ready for signature, the document controller can download it from GDrive in a .Docx format
  5. Upload the Word file into the DMS item
  6. Start routing