DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow can we verify that, the system value has been modified or defined by Admin?
neha.bansal asked 6 years ago
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neha.bansal answered 6 years ago

NOTE: For local installation only

In some cases when operation on the admin setting is done by one of the users we need a way to identify that change that was made by Admin users on the system settings. The Orcanos system is logging according to the CFR 21 Part 11 most of the admin operations into a special table that is available only to the system admin.

Please follow these steps in order to check the Admin history change log :

1. Open your Database

2. Under admin > History table, You can search for the change

3. Run the query for

FROM [servername].[dbo].[SYS_HISTORY_ADMIN]
order by id desc

4. Searching for theĀ Original Value

You can check the all values here which have been changed or not.

NOTE: will be available in the admin in future releases.