DWQA QuestionsHow do I change image URL after changing Orcanos server?
admin Staff asked 6 years ago

I have migrated Orcanos account from one server to another

The images URL still point to the old server, to old QpackFTP folder

I have copied the QPackFTP to the new server. How can I change the image URL to point to the new server QpackFTP?

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Orcanos does it for you if you are under Orcanos cloud server. For local installations, please follow this procedure:

  • Enter Orcanos folder (~program files (x86)/Qpack
  • Run “ChangeFTPLocation.exe”
  • You will have 2 input boxes.
  •   On the “old FTP location” put http://oldserver/qpackFtp
  •   On the “new FTP location” put http://Newserver/qpackFtp
  • Click OK