DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow do I create a dynamic view that list all the defects reported under single executions set on the same level as [$Me]
Rami.Azulay Staff asked 6 years ago

In our case, we implemented the Orcanos e-DHR system. The e-DHR is the parent work item to both our QC report for that specific e-DHR and for the execution set performed during the assembly of the e-DHR.

The execution set contains a list of test cases which describe the protocol performed and the results and measurements.

Our intention is to display in the QC report the list of defects listed during the execution set, showing the problems in the production line and the resolutions before the release of the device.

Our e-DHR structure is as follows:


-> X.Set

-> QC Report (we want to list in the QC report all the defects that were reported during the x.set)

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Rami.Azulay Staff answered 6 years ago

In order to create a QC report that retrieves the defects reported on the e-DHR work item using the execution set, there is a need to build a defect filter with the following special criteria:
execution_set_name like ‘%’ + (SELECT cast (o.id as nvarchar(max)) from objects  o, objects_ver_view v where obj_type=’t_exec’  and o.id=v.id and parent_original_id = (select parent_original_id from objects_ver_view where id=[$ME])) + ‘%’
Using the following data structure
-> X.Set [Defects reported under this execution set]
-> QC Report
     In the QC Report description Embed Filer