DWQA QuestionsHow do I create a dynamic view that show information of items related to selected work item [$ME]
Rami.Azulay Staff asked 6 years ago

I have a CAPA and I want to show the Complaints that are traced to me. How do I do that

1 Answers
Rami.Azulay Staff answered 6 years ago

In order to display embedded view that will show the selected work item traceability information, you will need to add in the filter Advance tab the following SQL in the special criteria.
Filter Name: Dynamic View – Details of Traced Items to [$ME]
Filter Advance->User defined Criteria:┬áid in (select id from objects where obj_key in (select obj_source from object_relations where obj_target like ‘%[$ME]%’)) or id in (select id from objects where obj_key in (select obj_target from object_relations where obj_source like ‘%[$ME]%’))