DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow do I create bottom-up traceability matrix
admin Staff asked 5 years ago

How do I generate report to show bottom-up traceability? such as from detail design to SRS?

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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

Sometimes we want to create a traceability report which is bottom-up
For example from Design to Software, or from test to software, so we can identify orphans. Means low-level requirements that don’t have source or input.

For that, we will use the filters option as follows:

  • Login to Orcanos
  • On the main menu, select the “Work Items” option
  • On the left side, select the low-level work item you wish to track
  • on the right side, create a new filter
  • Name the filter, such as “Detail design traceability to software”
  • Make sure the work item is selected

  • Select the filter fields Key, Name, Traced Items info (make sure they appear on the left side)

  • Remove the Specify Criteria, and the Order by options by clicking the minus button

  • Open Advance tab
  • Check the include traced items info, Show Name, Use Hyperlink
  • Make sure all work items are selected

Click Save
Results will be shown in the grid. you can click on More Actions (3 dots on top right) in order to export report