DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsI would like to know how to create a software test report
Rami.Azulay Staff asked 6 years ago

As medical device vendor, I need to generate test report (STR, STDR) that will show all my test results in a document.

1 Answers
Rami.Azulay Staff answered 6 years ago

In order to show your test results in a document format you will need to user Orcanos DocGen tool.
The DocGen tool can be installed from the Admin interface only, please follow these installation instructions (http://www.orcanos.com/help/Knowledgebase/qpack-docgen-for-document-generation-2/)
Once you have access the DocGen you will need to setup the DocGen settings according to the following configuration in the above link, under the section of 
Document Properties tab – “Format And Styling” section

  1. Make sure that you select the test document from Orcanos product tree.
  2. Make sure you configure the DocGen settings correctly.