DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy cant we have copy as link between projects in Orcanos ALM?
admin Staff asked 6 years ago

Today I can do copy as link inside a project

Why cant i do it between several projects?

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Copy as link is a nice capability to locate the same item in different locations on project tree It is mainly used for DMS ITEMS in the Orcanos document control system, where you can locate the same document (as link) in multiple locations It can also be used in test cases However, it is not possible to do copy as link between projects due to many constraints:

  • The item might not be allowed in the target project
  • User permissions issues that we would need to handle
  • Work item fields layout might be different in the multiple locations
  • Mandatory rules
  • Process and status flow
  • More

What we are going to do in release 4.0 is to keep traceability of the copied items. Means – when you copy – there is a new system field (copied item) that keeps the original ID in the copied item, so you can always trace back to the originator On the next phase – we will allow user to choose the logic on every copy:

  • Just copy – as today
  • Copy and sync – every change in originator¬†will affect copied item
  • Copy and partial sync – only specific fields changed in originator will affect the copied item

We will be happy to hear feedback…