Answer for How can i create an embedded view (dynamic filter) to show risk items related to me

You need to create a dynamic filter using the [$ME] functionality

  1. Open Work Items
  2. Select RISK work item
  3. Create a filter and select item type=”RISK
  4. Include the fields you wish to see
  5. On the Filter “Advance” options, in the “User Define Criteria”, put the following script:

id in (select id from objects where obj_key in (select obj_source from object_relations  where obj_target like ‘%[$ME]%’))  or id in (select id from objects where obj_key in (select obj_target from object_relations  where obj_source  like ‘%[$ME]%’))

  1. Save the filter selecting “All” in project
  2. Open Admin and open your project
  3. Select “Templates” tab, and select CAPA work item
  4. Click “Embed View” to Add dynamic view into your template, by selecting “Risk” work item and the filter you have created
  5. Save
  6. When you will open your CAPA you will be able to see the related risk items in the description