Answer for How do I know what are my next documents to sign on

Is there a way to generate a report that shows what are my pending items needing signing?
You can find who is the next Signer on documents or records by doing the following steps:
1. Add to the DMR Item form (Admin -> Fields Layout) a new section E-Signature and add to into it the system field Next Assignee. 
2. Create a new filter (Ex. “DMS  – Documents Waiting for E-signature”) that will pool all the DMS Items that the Next Assignee is not Empty. That will pool all the DMS items that are waiting for someone to sign.
 – Sort the filter by Next Assignee in DES order to have the list of item
 – Put the following fields in this order: Key, Name, Status, Category, Next Assignee, Routing Status, Revision, Change # 
3. On that filter results you can search for your name.
4. Than you can build nice dashboards to help you share this information across your users.

Author: Rami.Azulay

Expert in deployment of lifecycle management system into Medical Device vendors who seeking warranting successful Medical Device Auditing and Regulatory Compliance through Process Automation Tools It is no secret that Medical Device companies incur much costs and organizational stress relating to creating and maintaining their Technical File, DHF or ISO documentation, especially before first time submission or external auditing by notified bodies.