Answer for Task Assignment notification emails are not sent to the owner of the task

By design, an end user who creates a work item and then assigns it to themselves or to other users in the project, will receive an assignment email notification.
If a user is not receiving assignment notifications for work item or defect assigned to them from other users they may not have the setup the email notification for such event.
In order to operate the Assigned To notification in ORCANOS system you need to create an event trigger that will capture such update.
The process of creating such trigger needs to be done in the Admin settings of the system and follow theses steps.

  1. Create Email Template (See Post:
  2. Create Event (See Post:, you need to create event Any Update
  3. Create Notification Settings (See Post:, you need to make sure you Do check the Notify Assignee option.


Author: Rami.Azulay

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