Answer for What are QPack advantages?

Each software development company must have a full visibility and control on the development process, in terms of quality, budget, and time to market.

Orcanos believes that organizations must have a solid infrastructure that will allow them to measure, predict and improve activities, and that’s what Orcanos strive to achieve by providing its holistic ALM 2.0 solution, QPackTM, designed for high-tech companies dealing with development.

Orcanos holistic Application Lifecycle Management ALM 2.0 vision understands the user needs to monitor and track all activities from marketing phase to delivery, by gather and trace customer requirements, perform R&D activities, test product quality and manage customer feedback as part of the full lifecycle, all submitted to customer unique needs.

Tools: QPack provides professional tools for all participants in the development process:

Product requirements management
Testing Tools For Test Management
Defect tracking
QPack analytics and BI
Application Lifecycle Management ALM 2.0:

Automate processes: Orcanos holistic ALM 2.0 solution provides the customer with the ability to easily automate work procedure and processes, according to organization methodologies.

Data sharing: Data is available to all participants in the development process. One of the main objectives of ALM tools is to create state of collaboration and transparency of data between stakeholders. The effect of such tools on the organization as said by our exiting customer is “…we are better communicating with each other…” the out come result was “… we have reduces our delivery cycles to product by 40% in less then 1 year…”

ALM analytics: QPack analytics allows managers to measure project progress, predict future deficiencies, and use the outputs in order to improve the development process.

Distributed development: Working over one repository allows users to easily share projects, while working in distributed environments. By providing the ability of the organization to extern data to 3rd party resource you will be able to use the advantage of Off shore service and at the same time maintain your work procedure standards which allows you better communication and control on what is done out side your organization.

Quality: QPack provides strong testing tools to assure higher product quality. Testing tools that are part of the ALM solution can provide high traceability and coverage on-line and create full project monitoring on the progress of the development.