Answer for What is QPack Mobile?

QPack Mobile M1™ started with the desire to take years of experience working closely with our end users and put their wishful thinking on a mobile solution. To make ALM user experience even simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable – but still feel familiar with Orcanos line of products. The design of QPack Mobile M1™ gives more control over your ALM and more productivity at work. The result was making your ALM work easier in achieving your daily goals, spend less time inside QPack ALM to free time for professional work.
External Access, Notification, Documents E-Sign, Complaint Management System are just few of the great new features in QPack Mobile M1™. And all your favorite data have been brought to the tip of your fingers. We have been busy building a lot of new things we know you will love. Stay on top of what’s happening on your process pipeline with pulse. Now you can follow a particular task, defect, complaint, CAPA, ECO or anything else QPack Medical support on the ISO 13485. Connect with your customers or colleges. You can subscribe to an activity or communicate with people involved with it.