Answer for Why I cannot See a User in the Signature List When Trying to Define Routing Process (Owner, Approver etc.)

ORCANOS system that controls the electronic signature process (CFR 21 Part 11) is managed by ORCANOS unique system specify under the Document Control system.
In case you wish to include a new user into one of your Routing Process you need to make sure that the user is part of the electronic signature ORCANOS system.
To include that user you will need to add the user to the Document Control project from the Admin->Projects->Document Control->User (tab)->Add (+ button)
Once the user was included in that project you will then be able to select that user from the routing process user selection list box.

Author: Rami.Azulay

Expert in deployment of lifecycle management system into Medical Device vendors who seeking warranting successful Medical Device Auditing and Regulatory Compliance through Process Automation Tools It is no secret that Medical Device companies incur much costs and organizational stress relating to creating and maintaining their Technical File, DHF or ISO documentation, especially before first time submission or external auditing by notified bodies.