How to fix the Read only and Password Protected Files on DMS?

When user add any file which is Password Protected or Read Only in the Revision, It gives Protected Mode disable button

To fix it, please follow the guidelines:

  1. For Password Protected File:

If the file having password protected then remove its password first and then add the file.

To remove the password please follow below steps:

  • Go to File> Info> Click on Protect Document Option.

  • Click on Encrypt with Password Option

  • In the Password popup, remove the existing password and click on Ok. And save the file now.

  1. For Read Only File:

If the file is in read only form then make it editable first and then add the file.

To make the file editable please follow below steps:

  • Go to File> Info> Click on Save As Icon in Read only Document section.

  • On Save As window, select General Options in Tools

  • In next popup uncheck Read-only recommended option

  • Also, make sure there is no Password to open or modify the document on the same popup.
  • Save the document.

To remove the Restrict Editing with a read-only mode, follow these steps.

  • Go to File Menu>Info> Click on Protect Document > Click Restrict Editing

  • In the following screen, The Restrict Editing panel will be visible on the right side of the document.

  • Either uncheck the checked checkbox for the Editing restriction or select any other option (other than No Changes (Read only)) from the selection box next to it.
  • Save As the file.

Also check the File properties that it Read Only checkbox in Attributes field, should not be checked.

  1. For Macro Enabled Files:

If the file is Macro Enabled then remove its Macro first and then add the file.

To remove the Macro please follow below steps:

  • Click on Enable Content

  • Click on View menu in Menu bar and select Macro

  • Select View Macros Option

  • On the Macro popup window, select Marco and delete that.

  • Now Go to File> Info> Convert

  • Save as the file now, it will display a popup. Click on Yes

Now, file will be saved in Macro Free document.

You can use it now for signing the file.