Filter Folder Structure to Create Labels on Filter Selection List

Orcanos Provides a new feature to add the filters into a hierarchy. Users can create labels and add their filter into that.


  • Navigate to the Work item Page by click on the Work Items Icon under Main Menu
  • Select the required work item
  • Users can see a folder icon on the filter section.

  • When users click on this folder icon, they can see a popup window for Filter Folder Structure which contains the following fields:
    • Filter: The user can select the filter which needs to be added to the folder label.
    • Choose Folder: The user can see the available folder labels here also, can add, rename and delete the labels.
      • To Add Label, Right-click on the root node All Filters and add a new label
      • To Rename or delete Label, Right-click on the required label
    • Click on Save and label creates successfully and it displays into the filter selection list as a label for the selected filter. like,


Filter Folder Structure Permission

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