List items which are waiting for My Signature


Sometimes user wants to see all the Documents/Records which need to be signed by him/her.To get this list, the user needs to follow below steps:

  • Select the Work Items from Main Menu
  • Select any work item (Except Defect or Test Run)
  • Click on Create Link
  • Select the Project -All
  • Add the specify criteria as
    • Routing State                      is                In Work
    • Next Assignee List             is                (Logged User)
  • Press Save

For now, the filter would list only the selected work item. In order to get a list of all work items, use this filter to create a Panel in the Dashboard

  • Select the Dashboard from Main Menu
  • Click on Add Icon to add a Panel(First option in the selection list)
  • Select Project – All, Work Item – All, FilterCreated Above
  • Select Report Type – Grid
  • Press Save

This Panel would list all items across projects and work items that the user(logged user) needs to sign.


Create, Edit, Delete, Clone and Share filters/views

Default Panel

Grid Panel

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