List items which are set as Template


Sometimes user wants to list all the items which are set as template across different projects/Solutions. To get this list, the user needs to follow below steps:

  • Select the Work Items from Main Menu
  • Select any work item (Except Defect or Test Run)
  • Click on Create Link
  • Select the Project -All
  • Add the Field named as Is Template Indicator and Project Type
  • Press Save

For now, the filter would list only the selected work item. In order to get a list of all work items, use this filter to create a Panel in the Dashboard

  • Select the Dashboard from Main Menu
  • Click on Add Icon to add a Panel(First option in the selection list)
  • Select Project – All, Work Item – All, Filter – Created above
  • Select Report Type – Grid
  • Press Save

This Panel would list all items across projects and work items.

Now Sort the Column “Is Template Indicator” in DESC order to list the items set as template on the Top of the list


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Default Panel

Grid Panel

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