How to list all the test case that belong to specific Task or Requirement


In order to see the test cases linked to the specific task or requirement. We can create a filter for the task or requirement and get the list of all related test cases in the Traced Items Info column (Name and Key). But in some cases this information is not enough as we would like to see the information of these test cases also.

In such cases, we take the help of the user defined criteria.


  1. On Work Items page, Create a Filter and select Projects=Project A and Item Type = Test Case
  2. In the Advance tab, add the User defined Criteria: EXISTS (select 1 from OBJECT_RELATIONS where  (obj_source=v.obj_key and obj_target=’SRS-XXXX’ ) OR  (obj_target=v.obj_key and obj_source=’SRS-XXXX’ ) )

    Note: Make sure to use work item code instead of custom code if any

    here SRS is work item code and XXXX is the item ID

  3. Save the Filter

It would list all the test cases traced to SRS-XXXX in the traceability tab.


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