e-DHR Automation

Adding new e-DHR Automation

The e-DHR Automation allows to define the Automation Rule for the DHR Items

  • Select the Admin > Automation > e-DHR Automation
  • Click the Add Icon at the Bottom of the Page to add e-DHR Automation Rule
  • The Following fields gets displayed:

Project: Select the DHR project created for e-DHR Automation

Work Item: Select the DHR Items created for e-DHR Automation

Serial Number: Select the DHR Item System Table created which includes the Items serial Number.

Lot Quantity: Select the Default Lot value

Select all the checkboxes in the Add e-DHR Automation Page, some more fields get displayed

Concatenate Field value to Name: DHR Item name needs to be updated by Selected Serial Number at the end of DHR Item Name

Place Holder: Input the Value with which selected Serial Number in the DHR Item get replaced

Add to released Serial Number: Allows to add Released DHR Item’s (e-Signature Approval) Serial Number in the Released Serial Number System table.

Released Serial Number: Select the Custom Field that displays the Released DHR Item Serial Number

Set Serial Number as default for child execution: Allows to update Serial Number in the Test Parameter Reference Table used by Execution Set(child of e-DHR)

Serial Number Test Parameter: Select the Run Parameter name used in the execution set that needs to be updated with the Serial Number in test parameter reference table (child to the e-DHR).

Status: Select the status of the e-DHR that will trigger the Released indicator for the DHR serial number

Description: Input the explanatory text for e-DHR Automation Rule created

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