Product Tree

Copy and Paste Work Items in Product Tree

Copy and Paste feature allows users to copy and paste the items in the Product tree in the same project or across the Projects/Solutions.


There are 2 options that are available to paste the items under the target node and these are:

  1. Paste Work Item Code option – The copied item should be pasted under the selected target node.
  2. Paste and Keep option – Allows the user to paste the copied item multiple times in the same project or across projects

Paste Across Projects is applicable when we work in Solution which has multiple projects listed under it in the Product tree


  • Select the Product tree icon from Main Menu
  • Select the Item and right-click the node with/without child items and select the Copy option.
  • Right-click the target node under which you want to paste the item, users see 2 options here
    • Paste Work Item Code – Item ID
    • Paste and Keep
  • When clicking on any of the options, Use gets the popup window of Paste Options
    • Copy the “copy as link” items – Allows copying the Copy as link items which exist as child items under the selected node
    • Copy Relations within copied items – Allows copying the linked relations only when the traced item is present under the target parent node
    • Copy Relations to the copied from – Allows copying all the linked relations in the Traceability tab
    • Copy Attachments – Allows copyings files in the Attachment Tab

Items which are either copy as link items itself or item has related copy has link items cannot be pasted across projects

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