Product Tree

Product Tree Right Click Option : Convert Item


Convert Item option in the Product Tree allows the user to convert the selected item to a different item available in the list. Converting an item changes the item icon, item code, and not its details.

Convert Item in product tree is applicable to items for which Hierarchy settings is defined


  • Select the Product Tree option from Main Menu
  • Select any work item, for E.g. Test Case on the tree
  • Right Click and select the Convert Item option
  • In the pop up window, selects the Item Type which the user wants to change.
  • Click on Save. Item(s) gets converted successfully.

The Items icon gets changed to the selected work item type. Discussion and Traceability gets copied from the original item.

Test Case cannot be converted to any other item type

User cannot convert work item type to Risk due to special FMEA Fields selection


Convert Items Permission

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