Dashboard Panels

Dashboard Panel Permissions


Users can Add/Edit/Delete/Share the Dashboard and its Panels as per the permissions defined for the Group user belongs to. There are two options for managing dashboard permissions.


In order to manage the permissions for the Dashboard panels, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Select the Admin menu
  • Navigate to Group section
  • Select the Group and open it
  • In Work item permissions, select ‘General‘ tab
  • Add Panel Permission : Select the checkbox for ‘Add Panel Permission‘ to allow adding Panels in that Project.
    • If unchecked then other Projects will be listed, only the current Project for which the permission is not given will not be listed.
  • Add Panel To Public Dashboard Permission: Select the checkbox for ‘Add Panel To Public Dashboard Permission‘ if user wants to allow Public users to add panel in the Dashboard which is shared with them.


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