Dashboard Panels

Default Panel

The new panel option enables you to add panels to the dashboard. User can add multiple Panels in the same Dashboard.


On the Dashboard page, click on the Add icon and select a Panel (chart/grid/map/traceability map) option from the popup menu. A Manage Dashboard Panel popup window is displayed with the following fields:

  • Name: Enter the Name of the Panel
  • Project: Select the project from the Project dropdown list. User have the option to select All Projects

Test Run and Defects Work Items are not listed in the Work Items selection list when All Projects is selected

  • Work Item: The Active Work Items as per the selected Project should be displayed. User can select one or multiple work item types

To add a Test Run Report panel, you must select “Test Run” from the Work Item dropdown list.

  • Filter: Select the required view (filter) from the Filter dropdown list. The list includes both Public and Private Filters
  • Report Type: Select the type of report to display the data from the Report Type dropdown list. The report could be displayed in one of the following format – Chart, Grid, Traceability Matrix or Google Map.
Report Type Description
Chart Displays the information in the form of pictorial representation. The following types of chart are available:

  • Pie
  • Semi Circle Donut
  • 2 Dimension
  • 3D donut
  • Bar
  • Stack
  • Stack and grouped column
  • Line (in case of Test run work item panel)
  • Total Risks RPN Before Mitigation (RPN1) (in case of Risk work item panel)
  • Total Risks RPN After Mitigation (RPN2) (in case of Risk work item panel)
Grid The information is displayed in the form of a table.
Google Map The Google Map displays the location of the work item types. This option is not available for Defects and Test Run Work Item Type
Traceability Matrix Traceability Matrix helps you to track the relationship between artifacts and also supports traceability to other Orcanos modules such as risk items (FMEA), CAPA and service calls to satisfy the regulatory compliance and assure product quality.
  • Size: Select the width of the screen to display the data from the Size dropdown list.
    • Small – 33%
    • Medium – 66%
    • Big – Full-screen width
  • Base Color Pallet (available for charts only): Select a User Defined Color or one color (one color, different shades)
  • Height: Select height as Normal or Full.
  • Is Private: Select the Is Private checkbox to make the panel private.

Is Private checkbox is checked automatically on selecting the Private Filter or Shared with Groups filter. Private Panel cannot be shared by other users.

Click on Save. The panel is created on the dashboard. Dashboard configuration is saved on the user level

Note: User can Drag and Drop the Panels in the Dashboard

  • Refresh – Refresh the Panel
  • Edit – Edit Panel details
  • Edit filter – Edit the filter associated with the Panel
  • Full Screen – Show the Panel in a different window in full-size
  • Remove – Removes the panel from the dashboard, but not deleting it
  • Toggle Legend: Toggle legend is an area of a chart describing each part of the chart. When clicked, it displays/hides the legend. It is displayed at the bottom of the chart.
  • Download PNG Image: Download the chart in PNG Format
  • Download JPEG Image: Download the chart in JPEG Format
  • Download PDF Document: Download the chart in PDF Format
  • Download SVG Vector Image: Download the chart in SVG Format

Some options are the Same as chart/map, like Refresh/Edit/Edit Filter/Full Screen/Remove and some are different which are:

  • Excel Export Current Page: Exports the records of the current page in Excel format
  • Excel Export Entire Result Set: Exports all records in Excel Format

Some options are the Same as chart/map, like Refresh/Edit/Edit Filter/Full Screen/Remove and some are different which are:

  • HTML Export – Exports the traceability matrix to HTML
  • Excel Export – Exports the traceability matrix to Excel
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