Group Permissions - Common Work Item

Delete Work Item Permission


Delete Work Item Permission will allows the users to delete a particular work item by displaying Trash or ‘X’ icon in the actions column of the respective work item in the Work items grid and Delete option in right click options on the Product Tree.

Here Work item is referred to as Test Case, Action Item, ECO, CAPA, Software Requirements, DMS items etc…

Delete option will not be available for Defect Work item. If the Delete rights are there then only Cut option will be listed.


To enable or disable Delete Work Item permission, user need to follow simple steps

  • Select the Groups from Users & Groups in Admin (Make sure user select the group related to a required project and a user)
  • Click on the View icon against the Group you want to update the permission
  • Select the Work Item Permissions tab
  • Select the respective work item from the selection list. For E.g. ‘Test Case
  • Select the checkbox for ‘Delete Test Case‘ option. It will now allow to delete the Test case.
  • To remove the permission, uncheck the checkbox for ‘Delete Test Case‘ option.

Note: User needs to refresh from setting or re-login to apply the changes.

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