Embed Test Run Filter with Test Steps Data in the Execution Set

Test Run Filter with the test step Data allows us to get the details of Executed/Non-Executed test steps. In some cases, due to bulk data, we cannot generate Documents with the test steps and its Result. In such a case, we can embed the filter in the Execution set to get the list of test cases and its steps along with their status.


Consider the Execution set with the 1000’s of test cases. There are test cases that are in No Run Status, Not Completed status and Pass or Fail status.

  • Create a Test Run View with the following points
    • Report Level – Steps
    • Fields – Add the Fields: Test ID, Test Name, Step Order, Step Description, Step Expected Results, Step Actual Result, Step Status, Upper Limit, Lower Limit, Execution Run Status, Last Run Status
    • Order By –  ASC Test ID and ASC Step Order
    • Click Advanced Tab
    • User-defined Criteria – Input the value exec_id=[$ME]
    •  Additional Criteria – Check the Checkbox for “Show Only Last Execution Run In the Last Cycle” to get the last test step results in the execution set.
    • Press Save Button
  • Select the Execution Set in the Product tree
  • Click the Edit icon corresponding to the Description Section
  • Press Embed Filter Button/Icon from the Ck Editor Toolbar
  • Select the Correct Project, Work Item – Test Run, Filter – Created above
  • Press Save Button to Save Embed Filter
  • Press Save Button to Save The Execution Set Description
  • Click on Eye Icon on the Description Section to show/Hide the Embed Filter Details

The Embed Filter would list all the test steps of the test cases which are present in the selected Execution Set with all the Step Details and Run Details.

Please check this video for a detailed explanation.

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