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Extended History Report


This Panel allows the user to view the results in the Line/Bar/Stack charts in two aspects i.e. Accumulated and Non-Accumulated formats. It allows the user to refine the panel results based on work items Filter and aggregation type. It helps in accessing and controlling the digital information that we need to execute or analyze a project effectively and efficiently.

Say we have Defects work item, the data count of defects for ‘This Year’, all the defects less than or equal to the date e.g. how many New defects are there on a particular date starting from this year i.e. 01-01-2021, so we count all defects with ‘New’ status on date 13-08-2021 (the report is checked). On the same date, if multiple time status has been changed then the last status will be considered as defects status.

Accumulated check – It groups all the data till the selected period for a particular Status.

Accumulated uncheck – It does not group and shows the data for a particular Status at a particular point in time.


To add a panel, the user needs to follow the simple steps given below.

  • Select the Dashboard on the main menu.
  • Click the ‘+’ icon button on the select ‘Extended History Report’ option
  • The Manage Dashboard Panel popup window is displayed with the following fields:
    • Name: Enter the Name of the Panel
    • Project: Select the Project
    • Work Item: Select any work item from the list, all active work items will be listed.
    • Filter: Select any public/private Filter.
    • Aggregate: Select ‘Aggregate‘ from the list of values to check the data grouping.
    • Selected Period: Span of the Filter in the Panel
    • Chart Type (Left): Select the Chart Type as ‘Bar‘.
    • Chart Type (Right): Select the Chart Type as ‘Line/Stack‘. The user cannot select both the chart type same.
    • Select the accumulated check box
      • check – It will group all the data till the selected period for a particular Status.
      • uncheck – It will not group and show the data beginning from that period for a particular Status.
    • Status1/2/3/4/5: Select the work item status. Users can select multiple statuses.
    • Status 1/2/3/4/5 Alias: Enter Alias name for statuses if required.
    • Y-axis Label (Left & Right): Enter the label for Y-axis if required.
    • Legend Aligns: Select one of the two options (Top & Bottom) for legend alignment.
    • Size: Select the width of the screen to display the data from the Size dropdown list.
    • Height: Select the Height from the list of values.
    • Base Color Pallet: Select any one value from the list or user-defined.
    • Is Private: You can select the Is Private checkbox to make the panel private. If the Filter is private then it will be default checked. Users cannot uncheck it to make it Public.
  • Press Save

  • Non-accumulated data show all the Defects in New status for that date irrespective of its status if changed as today.
  • Accumulated data show all the Defects for that status till that date (05-01-2021) in addition to non-accumulated data of the previous date. For e.g. to verify the data on 06-01-2021 then check with data on 05-01-2021 and add non-accumulated data of 06-01-2021.


  • Refresh – Refresh the Grid Data
  • Edit – Edits the Grid Dashboard details
  • Edit filter – Edit the filter associated with the Grid Panel
  • Full Screen – Shows the Grid Panel in full-size in a different window
  • Remove – Removes the panel from the dashboard, but does not delete it
  • Toggle Legend – Show/Hide the Legends from the Panel
  • Download PNG Image – Download the Panel in PNG image format
  • Download JPEG Image – Download the Panel in JPEG image format
  • Download PDF Document – Download the Panel in PDF format
  • Download SVG Vector Image – Download the Panel in SVG vector image format

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