Filter for Test Run Results

Test Results are managed under the work items menu, Test Run.


  • Select the Project in the Projects selector
  • Select Work Items from the main menu
  • Select Test Run on the left pane, where you see the work items list
  • Now Create the Filter


  • In the Test Run filter, you first need to select Report Level (Steps level, Test Cases Level, Run Level)
  • The level is managed as follows:
    • Steps level – It returns the test case along with the steps, which means Test ID, Test Name, Execution run status, Step description, Step expected results, and Step status. For example, a test with 10 steps will show 10 rows, where the test case details are duplicated.
    • Test Cases level – It returns the results per test case, which means Test ID, Test Name, and Execution run status, but doesn’t include steps. For example, one test with 10 steps will show one row on the test case level
    • Run level – usually in use for batch testing (Automation) – It returns the results of a specific Run, which means one status for a collection of tests that were executed. Fields are Run name, Ran by, Run status, etc

User can filter No Run Test Steps and Test Cases by defining the Specify Criteria


To select the fields to be displayed, click the fields from the Available Options column. If you want to remove a field, click the field from the Selected Options column.

Test Run Parameters appear in the fields chooser section and can also be filtered by. For e.g: Parameter name: Browser Type so add the Field Browser type

All the rest is like any other filter (see here)


  • Execution Run Status – The Run status of the test case in the Execution Set. One test case can have different Execution Run Statuses in different execution sets.
  • Last Test Run Status – This is the last run status of a test case in the execution set. If the test case is present in different execution sets having varying Execution Run Status the test case that is run Recently or at the last, test case status will be called Last Test Run Status
  • Active Defects Indicator – a Boolean attribute that indicates whether a Test case or test step has active defects
  • Assigned To – Refers to the test case Assigned To field
  • Assigned To Tester – Refers to the tester that supposed to execute the test case
  • Execution Set Status – Refers to the Execution Set Status field
  • Run Status – This is tricky. It’s the last run status of execution of BATCH of test cases, executed in one batch – means in one run. This is done usually in automation. When a single test is executed, the Run Status equals to the Execution Run Status.

You can add this filter to the Dashboard, in a grid/chart form (Manage Dashboard)

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