This REST API helps to create API to fetch apk from Orcanos Item description.

Method: GET


Users need to create data on their server to check this API in the below format:

Step1: Create a Template in the below hierarchy like,

  • Project
    • Document
      • Folder (Release Notes)
        • Sprint(Release Candidate(Version))1
          • PAR1
          • PAR2(Links And Installation Instructions)
        • Sprint(Release Candidate(Version))2
          • PAR1
          • PAR2(Links And Installation Instructions)
        • Sprint(Release Candidate(Version))3
          • PAR1
          • PAR2(Links And Installation Instructions)

Step2: Add Version field into the Sprint(Release Candidate) from Admin> Customization> Field layout and Enter the value for every Version

Version (System Field) field is renamed here as Release Candidate Version.

Step3: Enter Specific HTML in the description of PAR2(Links And Installation Instructions) for every Sprint

Make sure, Item name must be “Links And Installation Instructions” with a specific description(HTML) that is coming from a template.


Authorization: Basic Auth token in the Request Headers   

Request Param:

Purpose of Fields given in this API: 

Parameter Value Is Mandatory? Description
ProjectId integer Yes Enter Project Id
VersionId integer Yes Enter Version Id from URL of the project
ReleaseCandidateVersion string No Enter Version number from Release Candidate Version field
EnvironmentType integer No Enter 1 for mobile(by default if do not enter any value)

Enter 2 for web

Enter 3 for simulator


Orcanos Output class:

IsSuccess: if successful then true else false

Data: Displays data for Android, Simulator, and iOS and the data is coming with comma separated.

Message: Error message in case IsSuccess is false

HttpCode: Response HttpCode

If user do not enter any Release Candidate Version number in the field, then it displays the results according to Latest Release Candidate Version.



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