Orcanos REST API


Orcanos REST API will be used for test automation integration


We are using Basic Authentication to authenticate with your credentials. In the basic authentication, a user needs to send the authentication key in the specific format.

To generate the key a user needs to contact the user name and password with colon sign (:) and encode the string with base64 encoder. It can be done with btoa and atob javascript function.

For example:

And pass the base64 string into the header field included with space and Basic keyword.

For example: 

Key : Authorization

Value : Basic dXNlcjE6dXNlckAxMjMK

How to encode the credentials into base64:

Format of Username and password should be like Username:Password

Example: User1:User@123

Convert this into base64 and it will be something like dXNlcjE6dXNlckAxMjMK

Note: From the Postman ( ) or any REST client testing tool, it can be added easily from the REST client UI. 

Authorization Header added in the Postman tool:


What errors and status codes can a user expect?

  • 500: An error has occurred or something was wrong
  • 200: Data is OK, Success
  • 401: Unauthorized, When Authorization token is not passed.

URL: xxxxxx /api/v2/Json xxxxxx /api/swagger/ui/index    

Where xxxxxx is a customer account name. Users can enter their account name here.


In Success:

“IsSuccess” : true ,

“Data” : Full Information of related API function will display here.

“Message” : “” ,

“HttpCode” : 200

In Failure:

“IsSuccess” : false ,

    “Data” : Error Message will display here.

    “Message” : “” ,

    “HttpCode” : 500


REST APIs Library is here:

  1. QW_Login
  2. QW_Add_Defect
  3. QW_Update_Defect
  4. QW_Add_Object
  5. QW_Update_Object
  6. QW_Add_Object to Add Service Calls
  7. QW_Delete_Object
  8. QW_Get_Object
  9. QW_Get_Object_View
  10. Get_Execution_Run_Details_XML
  11. Record_Execution_Results_New
  12. QW_Get_Item_Add_Edit
  13. GetItemURL
  14. QW_Add_Step
  15. Qw_Add_MiscAttachment
  16. QW_Save_Customer
  17. QW_Get_CustomerList_FromName
  18. QW_Get_CustomerList
  19. Create_Tag_Web
  20. Delete_Tag_Web
  21. QW_Get_Object_Relations
  22. QW_Delete_Relation_Custom_Code
  23. QW_Add_Relations_Custom_Code
  24. QW_Delete_Relation
  25. QW_AddRelation
  26. QW_Get_Filter_Results
  27. Add_Test_Run_Param_Value
  28. Copy_Attachment_CopiedFrom_Item
  29. GetItemEnvironment
  30. QW_Get_Execution_Set
  31. QW_Get_RunParameter
  32. QW_Get_Section_Data
  33. QW_Delete_Attachment
  34. Generate_PDF_New
  35. QW_Get_Updated_Items_List
  36. QW_Get_Updated_Items_List_By_Date
  37. SystemTableValue_Get
  38. SysTableValue_Save
  39. SysTableValue_Delete
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