How to Build Filter Combined Criteria from Multiple Item

In some cases, you may wish to collect more than one item type into single filter but also with special criteria on one of the item type that is unique only to that item type.

In that case, you may need to build your filter in 2 stages.

Build the filter

  1. Filter with Projects=ALL and Item Type = ALL
  2. User defined Criteria: (obj_type=’TYPE1′ or (obj_type=’TYPE2′ AND obj_category=’CAT’))

    Note: TYPE1 = will be the work item code taken from the Admin->Customization->Work Items (NOT!!! the custom work item code). Use for work item category the value of the work item category CODE taken from the system table.

Build new Panel

  1. Create new grid panel that select only work items of Type1 and Type2
  2. Select the special filter you have created in the previous setup
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