System Tables

Quality Role


The Quality Role is assigned to a user, authorizing them to sign items. It can be categorized as Approver, Reviewer, or Creator, choices essential for defining the Routing Process. Users have the capability to add new values, edit, or delete existing ones as required.

No Delete and Edit option are available for such Special System Table


User can perform certain actions:

  • Move First: Moves the list value in the first position.
  • Move Up: Moves the list value up by one level.
  • Move Down: Moves the list value down by one level.
  • Move Last: Moves the list value at the last position.
  • Add After: Add a new value after the selected value
  • Sort Alphabetic: Sorts the list values in alphabetic order.
  • Export Current Page: Allow the user to export the current page values in CSV, Tab-separated or HTML format.
  • Export entire result set: Allow the user to export all the values in CSV, Tab-separated or HTML format.
  • Import System Table values: User can import a list of values


System Tables

Add Signers in Routing Process

Import System Table values

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