This REST API helps to add the comment/discussion in any work item’s discussion tab.


Authorization: Basic Auth token in the Request Headers

Post Body

Parameter Value Is Mandatory? Description
Item_Key Integer Yes Enter Item key where you want to add discussion like 59670
Comment String Yes Add a comment which you want to add in discussion
Is_Private Integer Yes Enter 0 if its a private discussion and 1 if its a public discussion
VersionId Integer Yes Enter version id of the project which is available into the project URL


Orcanos Output class:

    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Data": "Success",
    "Message": "Discussion is added successfully for item 59670",
    "HttpCode": 200

IsSuccess: if successful then true else false

Data: JSON object. Status Ok if the discussion added successfully.

Message: Error message in case IsSuccess is false

HttpCode: Response HttpCode

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