This REST API returns the full details about the filter.

Method: Post


Authorization: Basic Auth token in the Request Headers

Request Param:

Key Value Is Mandatory? Description
Filter_id Integer Yes Enter the filter id for which you want to get details. like 1278
Page_no Integer No Enter page no. for which you want to get record details. like 1
Page_Size Integer No Enter page size like 50
Item_Type String Yes Enter the Item type for which you want to get details. like, CR
Version_id Integer Yes Enter Version id like 1298
Filter_By String No Enter filter by value
Order_By String No Enter order by value like ASC/DESC
IsNewPaging Integer Yes Is new paging or not in form of 0/1
IsReturnPageCount Integer Yes0 Is return page count yes or no in form of 0/1


Orcanos Output class:

"IsSuccess": true, ---> API result
"Data": {
"Object": [
"Field": [  ---> Field information
"Type": "text", ---> Item Key information
"Name": "User_Prefix",
"Tooltip": "",
"Visible": "Y",
"Order": "0",
"Section": "",
"Title": "Key",
"Text": "T_CASE-46584 (42195)",
"Web_order": null
"Type": "text", ---> Item name information
"Name": "Obj_name",
"Tooltip": "",
"Visible": "Y",
"Order": "1",
"Section": "",
"Title": "Name",
"Text": "TC-14072021",
"Web_order": null
"Id": "46584 (42195)", ---> Item id
"Type": "T_CASE", ---> Item type
"Allow_edit": null, ---> is item allow to edit or not
"Version": "1346", ---> Version id
"Allow_branch": null, ---> Is item allow for branch
"Freeze": null ---> Is item freezed or not
"Total_records": "40", ---> Total no of records which are showing into filter
"Current_page": "1", ---> Current page no.
"Page_size": "50", ---> Page size
"Info": ""
"Message": "",
"HttpCode": 200

IsSuccess: if successful then true else false

Data: JSON object. filter information details

Message: Error message in case IsSuccess is false

HttpCode: Response HttpCode

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