Projects and Solutions



The solution is actually a project, that can be the parent of other projects. We use Solution to build a product, for example, Medical Device product (Solution) that has children Projects.


To create a Solution, user has to follow simple steps mentioned below

  • Select Solutions in Projects & Solutions under Admin. Solutions Page with the list of Solutions is displayed.
  • Click Add Icon at the bottom right side of the Page
  •  Add Solution Page with the following Fields is displayed:
    • Project Name: Enter the Name of the Solution in the Project Name field which the user wants to input.
    • Is Solution: By Default Is Solution checkbox should be checked.
    • Start Date: Select the Start Date to Start Solution from the date picker(Calendar).
    • Due Date: Select the Due Date from the date picker(Calendar).
    • Major Version: Enter the Major Version of the Solution in the Major Version field.
    • Minor Version: Enter the minor version of the Solution in the Minor Version field.
    • Project Manager: Select the corresponding Project Manager from the Project Manager drop down list.
    • Allow Single Login: This field is disabled. So basically, it’s not applicable in the Solution.
    • Allow Branch on Change: To allow branch on change, User can select the Allow Branch on Change checkbox. If a solution have more than 1 versions then the user can branch the lower version item into higher version.
    • Version: User can select the required check boxes in the Version field.
    • Major – Displays the major version in the project name. By default, it’s selected.
    • Minor – Displays the minor version in the project name. By default, it’s selected.
    • Release – Displays the release version in the project name
    • Build – Displays the build number in the project name
  • Description: User can input about the Solution and its description in this field.
  • Save: After clicking on Save button, Solution will be created successfully.

To know about how to add projects in Solution, Please refer to the link – Add/remove projects from solution 


  • Select the user on the Users page in Users & Groups under Admin Menu
  • Select the Groups Tab
  • Click on the Connect to group Hyperlink.
  • Connect to group Pop-up is displayed.
  • Select the Group from the dropdown list
  • Press Save Button.


Once the user is connected to the Group. Now we can add that user to the Solution.

  • Select Solutions in Projects & Solutions under Admin.
  • Select the Existing Solution and move to the Users Tab
  • Click on Add Icon at the Bottom right side of the Page
  • Add Users popup window is opened and User can select User and their related Group from there
  • Press the Save button.

On login with the User, User can see the related Solution in the Choose Project dropdown list

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