Test Management

Test Management Overview

QPack Testing-Suite for test management provides all you need for your validation and verification processes. With the tight integration to QPack ALM platform, and strong collaboration features, QPack Testing-Suite allows efficient test design, with strong traceability of test cases to requirements, thus allowing seamless and efficient interaction between product and marketing team test engineers and developers.

QPack test execution module helps QA team run the test plans and record actual results easily, while using QPack reports and dashboard utility for monitoring test results.

Benefits of QPack Test Management
  • Easily create Software Test Design tree
  • Quickly evaluate and react to changes in requirements
  • Strong traceability to requirements
  • Managing all-in-one ALM system helps finding errors and ambiguities in requirement earlier
  • Create, manage and execute test cases in multiple execution sets and run parameters for complex testing environments and track results using QPack Dashboard
  • Report defects directly from test run
  • Build execution sets for QA plan, test run, and test results recording
  • Generate test design/test results documents
  • The integration to R&D assist in finding and correcting defects on time
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