The e-DHR Data Structure

The e-DHR Structure consists of 3 components viz design, engineering and testing. The Same is reflected when you add items to the project. The Project Items are e-DHR Item, Test cases, Execution Set and Paragraph(QC Report).

  • Select the e-DHR Project from choose project selection list
  • Select the Folder/Parent Node to add the Item
  • Right-click the Node and select the Add Item option or ‘+’ Icon on the Product tree Toolbar
  • Add the e-DHR Work Item type
  • Add an Execution Set under the e-DHR Item
    • Add the Test cases with test steps and limits(if required) in the e-DHR Project
    • Add the Test cases in the Execution Set
  • Add the Paragraph having the QC Report at the same level as Execution Set.
  • In QC Report, Item description Embed view for Test Case, Test Run and Defect work item.

User can set this as Template(using Set as Template) and can use it for adding New Items in the Product Tree


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