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Google Map Panel


The Google Map enables you to pick up the service call locations. In order to use the Google Map feature, you should have permission to the “Service Center” project and that “Service Call” is selected as the work item. The Google map helps you to locate the best agents who can handle specific cases. The Google map also provides you the status of the agents at specific locations, which enables you to assign cases.

active – Active

completed – Completed

completed_and_active – Active + Completed

empty – Empty

Google Maps can be configured for all Work Items except the Defect


To add a panel, user need to follow simple steps given below.

  • Select the Dashboard on the main menu.
  • Click the ‘+’ icon button on select ‘Panel’ option
  • The Manage Dashboard Panel popup window is displayed with the following fields:
    • Name: Enter the Name of the Panel
    • Project: Select the Project
    • Work Item: Select any work item from the list, all active work items will be listed.
    • Filter: Select any public/private Filter.
    • Report Type: Select the Report Type as ‘Google Map‘.
    • Size: Select the width of the screen to display the data from the Size dropdown list.
    • Height: Select the Height from the list of values.
    • Is Private: You can select the Is Private checkbox to make the panel private. If the Filter is private then it will be default checked. User cannot uncheck it to make it Public.
  • Press Save button


Refresh – Refresh the Google Map

Edit – Edits Google Map Panel details

Edit filter – Edit the filter associated with the Google Map

Full Screen – Show the Google Map in a different window in full-size

Remove – Removes the panel from the dashboard, but not deleting it

Toggle Legend – Show/Hide the description of the symbols/data displayed in the Panel

Download PNG Image – Downloads the Google Map in PNG Format

Download JPEG Image – Downloads the Google Map in JPEG Format

Download PDF Document – Downloads the Google Map in PDF Format

Download SVG Vector Image – Downloads the Google Map in SVG image Format

Refer Dashboard Overview for more information on modifying and deleting a panel.

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