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Creating a Tag in the Product Tree


Orcanos Tag resembles the common version control TAG concept. A tag is just a “snapshot” of a specific item and its descendants at that time.

The TAG copies the hierarchy structure to a separate repository in Orcanos database. TAGS are also markers to highlight notable revisions in the item history of the repository. The TAG creates an entry in each item history log, so it is possible to retrieve the item name and description at that point of time.

In Orcanos future release, a complete tag hierarchy could be retrieved using the Online Document Generator.

The information of the tag for the selected node and the child items are available in the History tab (Tag name will appear in comment field).


Note: To create tags, appropriate permissions should be provided in the user’s group.

Right-click the item in the Product Tree and select the “Create Tag” option (make sure you have the permissions to create tag).

The Create Tag popup window is displayed with the Tag Name field with Save and Cancel Button.

Note: By default, a tag value is generated and displayed in the popup window. The default tag name is of the form –  “TAG_” + [ID of the Item] + [Type of Item] + “_” + 2024.

User can input the new tag name at the time of create Tag

Tag is created for the selected item and its child nodes


Create Tag Permission

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