e-DHR Automation

Creating your first e-DHR Project

e-DHR in ORCANOS starts with adding a Project. Since each project is unique, a project is created for each instance. Creating a project is quite simple.

  • Select the Product Tree Icon from Main Menu Icon.
  • Click on + Icon in the Product tree Tool bar Menu.
  • Select the “Project” from the drop down selection list.
  • It will take user to stepwise project creation wizard.
  • Select the Project Type and Name

While working on DHR Project, it ideally comes with 3 components viz design, engineering and testing. The Same is reflected when you add items to the project. The Project Items are Document, Execution Set, Execution Set Group, Folder and Test Plan. The Components helps in creating compliance requirement, constituting various sub-DHR arranging them in folder for better management and finally the test plan.

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