Defect Management

Add Defect Details


Users can add and track the defects against any issue in the system so the issue can be logged, detected and resolved.


  • Click the Work Items Icon from the main menu
  • Select the Defects from Left Navigation Pane
  • Select the Filter from the Filter dropdown list to get a list of defects.

On the defect detail page, users can see the following fields:

  • Synopsis – A short summary of the defect (one sentence, usually up to 100-150 characters)
  • Status – The status of the defect. You can click the “Status Flow” icon to view the status flow
  • Severity – The severity of the defect
  • Assigned to – The user to whom the defect is assigned
  • Priority – The priority of the defect
  • Found Version – The version where the defect was found
  • Category – The category of the defect
  • Fixed Version – The version in which the defect was fixed
  • Efforts – The effort required to fix the defect
  • Fixes – Defines what was done in order to fix the defect
  • Target Version – The target version in which the defect is planned to be fixed
  • Due Date – The date when the defect must be fixed
  • Type – The type of defect (Internal: R&D, External: Customer)
  • Work Around – A temporary fix to the problem
  • Execution Set Name – If the bug is reported from the test run, the system saves the execution set name on the defect level
  • The Description section provides a long HTML-based description with Rich Text capability
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