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Communicating with the customers or internal users is an important activity in any business scenario. Orcanos ALM Email Templates module is used to build specific Templates to service organizational needs, such as email template for NEW DEFECT, STATUS CHANGE OF TASK, CLOSURE OF SERVICE CALL etc. You can use Email templates instead of manually typing the same content each time you need to notify someone about an event occurrence. You can design mail templates to make them more enticing rather than sending emails in plain text, and embed dynamic information (item fields).

  • Select Email Templates in Admin under Alerts (Scheduled Emails), Notifications and Task automation
  • Email Templates page is displayed.
  • Click the Add icon at the bottom right side of the page
  • Add Email Template page is displayed with the following fields:
    • Work Item: Select the required work item for which the template is defined from the drop down list (default is All).
    • Template Name: Enter the name of the template.
    • From Email:  Enter the email address from where the email needs to be sent. The From email is used to overwrite the source email that is being sent out From to any email the customer wants. Some companies have several emails to be used by the ALERT service such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].
    • Subject: Enter the subject for the template. Email Subject line can include dynamic information by merge field value.
    • CC Mails: Enter the email Address to which the mails sent should be CC.
    • Show Discussion: Check the checkbox in case user wants to view Internal and Public Discussions for the required work item.
    • Show History: Check the checkbox in case user wants to view the required work item History.
    • Show URL: Check the checkbox in case user wants to view the required work item URL.

Enter the content of the email to be sent in the email body here. You can also embed fields in the email body.

  • Select Field : Select the required field from the Select Field drop down.
  • Copy/merge field : This displays a value in the Copy/merge field. Click the Copy/merge field to include the value in the email body.

User can copy the string such as [*Synopsis*] to email subject or any other place in the email body. When the email is sent, merged fields are replaced by the actual item value.

Sample Email Template – New Defect

Defect was found in [*Project*] [*Found In Version*] by [*Detected By*] on [*Detection Date*]. priority is [*Priority*] Severity is [*Severity*]. Current status is [*Status*]


Sample Email Output – New Defect

Defect was found in Orcanos by John Boil on 21-12-2012. priority is High Severity is Medium. Current status is New

The system generated error message

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