Email Notifications



Events are created and used to trigger Email Notification

Example: Add New Defect is an Event, upon which an Email Template will be sent

  • Select Events in Admin under Alerts, Notifications and Task Automation
  • Events Page is displayed.
  • Click Add icon at the bottom right side of the page.
  • Add Event Page is displayed with the following fields
  • Name: Enter the name of the event.
  • Project: Select the project for which the Event is created.
  • Work Item: Select the work item for the Event.
  • Select the required conditions to trigger the event.
    • On Add – Triggers the Event when an item is added
    • On Delete – Triggers the Event when an item is deleted
    • Any Update – Triggers the Event when an item is updated
    • Status Update – Triggers the Event only when the status of the item is updated
    • On Discussion– Triggers the Event when the discussion is added

In case user wants to add additional condition to the event (such as “Add new defect when Assign to is John“), use the advance filter section.

  • Add the required filters in the Advance Filter section by clicking on Add button
  • Add Advance Filter pop-up is displayed with the following fields:
    • Field: Select the field from the Field drop down list.
    • Field Value: Select the value as per the field type from the Field Value drop down list.
    • Condition: Select the condition for the action to be performed from the drop down list.

The Advance Filter section is only visible when a specific work item is selected

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