Dashboard Panels

Existing Panel


The existing Panel option enables to add Public Panels created by other users.


  • Select the Dashboard on the main menu to enter the Dashboard.
  • Click the Red PLUS button on the bottom right to add Existing Panel
  • The Add Existing Dashboard Panel pop-up window is displayed with the following fields:
    • Existing Panel: List the Public Panels with the Panel Name (Chart Type/Report Type). List also includes the Private Panels created by logged in user
    • Size: Select the size of the panel in the Dashboard from the Size dropdown.
  • Press the Save Button.

The Selected Panel gets added in the Dashboard.


  • Refresh – Refresh the data displayed
  • Edit Size – Edits the size of the Panel as Small, Medium, Large
  • View Settings: The Panel Details are pre-filled and cannot be edited
  • Full Screen – Shows the Panel in a different window in full-size
  • Remove – Removes the panel from the dashboard, but not deleting it
  • Excel Export Current Page: Exports the records on the current page in Excel format
  • Excel Export Entire Result Set: Exports all records in Excel Format
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