Orcanos Basics Walkthrough

Projects and solutions

Orcanos supports 2 types of projects: Project and Project of type Solution

Both entities act exactly the same (project entity) with one difference: Solution can be a parent of one or more projects, in different versions.

This enables lots of useful capabilities, as a solution can represent a product, and a project can represent a component.

So, if we take a medical device product, for example, named “Cardiology Monitor” that includes several components (such as Software, Hardware, Mechanical, Electronic…), the Solution will be Cardiology Monitor and the Child component of the solution will be Cardiology Monitor Software, Cardiology Monitor Hardware, and Cardiology Monitor Mechanical.

Another advantage is reuse.

Since Each project has versions that represent a specific baseline, you can link a component in a SPECIFIC VERSION to a solution in a specific version, and each component can be used in other products as well.

To illustrate, let’s assume we have Product A 1.0, Product A 2.0 and product B 1.0

And we have Component X1.0, Component Y 1.0, Component Y 2.0

So you can build any view for any of the combinations such as this:

Solution/ Component X Y
A (1.0) 1.0 1.0
A (2.0) 1.0 2.0
B (1.0) 1.0

In this example, we have Product A first generation containing X 91.0) and Y 1.0

Product A second generation X (1.0) – has not changed between generations, and Y 2.0

Product B only contains X (1.0)

You can apply filters on solution level – so you can get, for example, all bugs in all product components


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