This REST API helps to delete the Relation/Traceability between the items using original work item code.

Method: POST


Authorization: Basic Auth token in the Request Headers

Post Body

Key Value Is Mandatory? Description
Source_Key String Yes Enter Source Key like DMS-20176
Target_Key String Yes Enter Target Key like CR-30829


Make sure to input the work item’s Original code and not the custom code.

Like, In ECO-30829, ECO is the custom code and CR its original code so you need to enter CR here.


Orcanos Output class:

       "IsSuccess": true,
       "Data": {
            "Status": "OK"  ---> Success message
       "Message": "",
      "HttpCode": 200

IsSuccess: if successful then true else false

Data: JSON object. Status Ok if the relation is deleted successfully.

Message: Error message in case IsSuccess is false

HttpCode: Response HttpCode

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