Product Tree

Start /Create and Cancel Trace

Start Trace option enables the user to Add the Traceability directly from the Product Tree by selecting the Source Node and the Parent Node.

  • On Right-click, Start Trace option gets Displayed. This Node will be the Source Item in the Traceability Setup
  • Right -click the node in the Product Tree and Select the Start Trace Option

Cancel Trace is the only option available on Selecting the Same Source Node

Cancel Trace and Create Trace options are available on Selecting Node other than Source Node

  • Now Click different Node in the Product tree
  • Click on Cancel Trace option: No Traceability gets added
  • Click on Create Trace Option
  • The pop-up to Select the Relation Type, comments and change the Source – Target Direction in case you want the first selected Source item to become the Target item gets displayed
  • Select the Values and Press the Save Button

The traceability gets added between the two selected items.

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